Britta has experience in performing on stage as a former member of SynthAttack. But singing was always her secret passion, and now she’s taking her courage and dares to show you her talent on stage singing background vocals and all female parts of our songs. But all female voice recordings on „Razors Edge“ were performed bei Judith Ehreke.

Jörn is the founder, singer, songwriter and producer of ASHES’N’ANDROID. He had small private projects before without any releases.  Therefore, Jörn is looking forward to have his first gigs with ASHES’N‘ ANDROID, but due to the covid-19 situation all gig options were cancelled in 2020. In this year he got an invitation from the Band TOAL as a guest singer and Keyboarder and performed an online Event with his band at the Darktunes online festival.

Micha was playing drums, keys and bass in many bands such as “Ncor”, “Exilanation” or “The Dark Unspoken”. Further he is a solid member as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and live engineer at “Evo-Lution” and “TOAL” until today. The well-known bands “ES23”, “Ruined Conflict” and “System Noire” also benefit from his talent as a live drummer. In addition, he’s now part of ASHES’N’ANDROID to support the live shows at the keys and by handling the stage equipment.


ASHES’N’ANDROID initially is an one-man project from Braunschweig founded in 2016. Songwriter and producer Jörn always starts creating a song with a topic that moves him and a strong melody. So his debut album “Razors Edge” is full of emotion and varied synth- and electro pop sounds.

Jörn started writing music already in the nineties and composed various albums in his early creation period. In 2003, he graduated as an Audio Engineer and had some sound engineer jobs at live events and film productions, including the music production for an image film. Although he is earning his money in a different way now, these studies supported his passion for music and his skills for creating a great sound.

In 2016, Jörn decided to bring his music to a higher level. Therefore, he invested in a new home studio with new synths and equipment to start producing with a new level of quality. Since then, three tracks have been released on several Darktunes Gothic Orgy Samplers.

“Razors Edge” is the amazing result and the official start of ASHES’N’ANDROID. The honest songs combine a variety of genres and thrilling cooperations with other artists. The wide spectrum of the music makes it an experience you shouldn´t miss.

Never stop being excited
about other music styles

Although a synth pop heart is beating in all my songs, most of our listeners are wondering about the different styles on my debut album. The reason for that is that a lot of different music styles touched my soul or got under my skin. I’m very proud of that result and the reactions, but maybe the the next album will be a little bit more homogenous ;). But I will never stop to have influences from all that different and amazing styles around the world. By the way, listening to different genres and whole different music we used to hear, opens your mind and inspires you in many fields of life. ASHES’N’ANDROID stands for 100 % self made electronic pop music with an organic sound and a variety of sound.


One of the moste frequently asked questions is where the creation „ASHES’N’ANDROID“ comes from. Ash was a human looking robot in Ridley Scott’s Alien movie from 1979. Ash’s secret mission was to bring an extraterrestrial alien back to earth, crew expendable. After a fight between the crew and Ash they found out that he was a robot. A crew member shouted „Ash is a robot!“ That is the moment where my creation begins. I replaced „Robot“ with „Android“ and changed „Ash is an android“ with a new phrase called „ASHES’N’ANDROID“ like Rock’n’Roll. There you go! 🙂

What others say

„… es ist ein beachtliches und beachtenswertes Debütalbum, das nur erahnen lässt, welches Potential noch in dem Projekt schlummert“

(Avalost Blog, Germany – Magdeburg)

„ASHES’N’ANDROID delivers a brilliant performance on “Razors Edge”, which is a beautiful synth and electropop drive. In the meantime, this project has also become a real live band. So hopefully I can also experience them live.“

(Snoozecontrol, Belgium)

„Singer Jörn Marquardt has a lovely voice, and this chorus is great: “You will let me down no matter if I’m drowning I can’t count on you.”I am really into this band.“

(Synthpop Fanatic, USA – Washington DC)

„This album reveals a true potential and is a successful debut. Some aspects can be improved, but this album is a solid basis to move on with. Let’s keep this name in mind!“

(Side-Line magazine, Belgium – Tienen)