„Es ist ein beachtliches und beachtenswertes Debütalbum, das nur erahnen lässt, welches Potential noch in dem Projekt schlummert“

Avalost Blog (Germany, Magdeburg)

„Singer Jörn Marquardt has a lovely voice, and this chorus is great: “You will let me down no matter if I’m drowning I can’t count on you.” I am really into this band.“

Synthop Fanatic (Washington, DC)

„This album reveals a true potential and is a successful debut. Some aspects can be improved, but this album is a solid basis to move on with. Let’s keep this name in mind!“

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium, Tienen) 

GREAT NEWS! Track our progress.

Track the progress of our second album! We will update this view constantly. After the songwriting for the next album has just begun, it’s time to think about the shape and form of ASHES’N’ANDROID’s sound. Even the pop character in our songs will never die, we want to add some „electro engineering.“ And there is no one better suited to implement a fresh electro sound than Micha Meyer (also member of Evo-Lution, TOAL and Ruined Conflict), who came to us on March 2020. Although we don’t want to have a clear division of roles, we decided that Jörn is still writing the songs and Micha will edit the drum&base section in future. Hopefully we can show you first snippets of our collaboration soon!

Songwriting & Mix 44%
Mastering and CD production 0%
Distribution 0%